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This site will not be useful to most people. However, in the course of my work, I have found that I need to use mazarinades for research and teaching surprisingly often. Unfortunately, there are very few in translation. My hope is that more people in similar positions to my own will both find this site useful and contribute to a growing collection of translated mazarinades.

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Sept. 12, 2008
Three new translations added: Remerciments à Mazarins, Articles of the Union of the Ormée, and Le Manifeste des Bourdelois
Sept. 12, 2008
The Mazarinades Wiki is created!

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Remerciment des Imprimeurs À Monseigneur le Cardinal Mazarin

My Lord, We would not be worthy of our good fortune, if we were tardy any longer in thanking you, with all the witnesses of a very sensible obligation. We can only suffer the whole world complains of your Eminence no one profits from it. Your good deeds are too visible to be lied about, and we receive them in a time which makes them even more considerable, and which confounds the calumny of all your enemies. They accuse you of wanting to starve the city of Paris to death; but is there anything more ridiculous? since it is our Body . . . which alone should satisfy your rage: as those who lived in the glorious contempt of riches that he professes with all the masters of other Arts, Noble and Liberal, who keep nothing from day to day. All the Bourgeois had been provided with all that they could need during a blockade of more than a year. We have neither money or supplies, always thanks to God, and to your Eminence Monsieur Saint Jules our second patron, we are today the best accomodated, and we fear most to lack ink and paper than bread and wine, nor meat.

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